Each year we send an expedition to Peru made up of professionals, students, and community members.  We have surgery teams that work in local hospitals, medical and dental units that improvise clinics in small villages, and research personnel who study the people and the conditions in which they live.  We strive to help both individuals and communities realize a better tomorrow.


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Our medical group is led by teams of physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and volunteers who travel to areas outlying Cuzco to set up clinics.  Many of the communities we travel to have no standing medical facilities and no proximate access to care.  We refuse care to nobody, so the line for triage often stretches around the block.  Persons from outlying areas make long trips into town to see our doctors and we find that particularly the elderly have need of our assistance.  We work all day, seeing many hundreds of patients with all types of ailments.  


Through a partnership with a local hospital in Cuzco, we have access to an operatory where we provide orthopaedic surgery with an emphasis in hand surgery.  Our team works on multiple cases that have been arranged prior to our visit.  Many patients have to wait anxiously for exactly this type of care, which is often unavailable to them.  We provide these surgeries at no cost to the patient.  We need volunteer surgeons, surgical technoligists, surgical nurses, and translators. 



A recent addition to our organization, the audiology team has had tremendous success.  Team audiology consists primarily of audiologists and students from Idaho State University.  On our most recent expedition to Cuzco, they were able to fit 25 Peruvians with donated hearing aids.  Giving the gift of hearing has yielded amazing outcomes and unforgettable experiences.  The audiology team is establishing itself as an integral part of Idaho Condor Humanitarian.


Our team is made up of dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and volunteers who travel with the medical team.  We are a mobile dental office that can set up an impromptu clinic virtually anywhere.  We provide standard services and find many whose only access to dental care may be our annual visit.  While patients wait to be treated we teach oral hygiene classes and give fluoride treatments.  Educational demonstrations and preventative care are often administered by student volunteers and are especially important in maintaining community health.



Most of our volunteers are college-age students who would like to work in the healthcare industry.  Students serve alongside healthcare professionals in a setting which allows them to see what activites their future careers could entail. They also have the opporunity to get to know providers who have insight and advice that can help them. We have had many alumni students who have gone on to professional programs aided by the service opportunity that Idaho Condor provides.  Each of our teams have a need for Spanish language speakers, and that skill is infinitely useful in the work we do. We also welcome volunteers who have no healthcare experience or ambition, but who still wish to help in some meaningful way.


Peru is a land of wonder and beauty.  Our volunteers experience the rich culture and important heritage of the people they serve. Cuzco is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the historic capital of the Inca Empire.  Volunteers have quite a bit of time to explore this amazing city. At the end of the expedition each year we take a few days to travel to the nearby ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. The unique features of our expedition offers the ability to interact with the people and the landscape of Peru in a way that would be impossible on any typical vacation. 


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